Press and Media Law

We advise and represent interested parties and publishers in disputes over the legality of publications by press bodies, media institutions and Internet managers. Additionally, we provide counsel to potential interested parties in the run-up to threatened publications. We review reports that have already been made, inform our clients of possible counterclaims and analyse their chances of success. We also guide individuals, institutions, companies and authorities when dealing with press inquiries and announcements to the media. Further, we support those in need of communication when affected by critical developments, i.e. when the public becomes interested in an individual, when there are press inquiries, when the Public Prosecutor becomes involved or when the investigative committee begins and the media take up the issue. Due to our broad experience as criminal defence counsel and as counsellors for victims and witnesses before parliamentary committees of inquiry, we are particularly experienced in managing the interfaces of "investigations" and "media reporting". We are especially competent in managing conflict situations that affect areas of press law, criminal procedural law, data protection law and administrative law in equal measure. Our firm has successfully conducted numerous major campaigns, such as defending clients against a flood of harmful reports. We are known for the fact that we pursue our clients' claims rigorously, swiftly and conscientiously. We can quickly identify the threat that exists ? or may arise ? and then assess which legal steps promise to be the most beneficial. Also, we process our frequently updated mandates in the shortest possible time. In all cases, our main principle is close co-operation with involved consultants, press spokespersons and also defence lawyers if necessary.

As criminal defence lawyers, we are principally aware of the problems of reporting on criminal proceedings from the point of view of those concerned. Early advice can set the course for their benefit, influence campaigns and prevent repeated misrepresentations.

For publishers, we advise and plan a publication with a risk perspective. We can check the legality of such reports after they have been reported and provide advice on how to deal with the personal rights of those involved.

We are also available for training events for members of press department staff, press spokespersons, PR departments, speakers, etc., on the following issues:

  • Concluding of authorisation agreements
  • Preservation of evidence in the case of interviews
  • Prevention of distorting excerpts from interviews as well as their dissemination; 
  • Strategic overview of the possibilities of defensive measures under press law.