Law of the Committees of Inquiry

We have been active for over twenty years in various parliamentary committees of inquiry of the German federal and state parliaments. We have advised and accompanied victims, witnesses, institutions, authorities and government agencies.  
We recommend such advice because investigations and inquiries into the specially-protected relationship between lawyer and client are inadmissible for investigative committees and the content of this advice cannot be shared with third parties. We help to clarify the obligation to submit documents, the right to issue certificates and the right to withhold information. We are experienced in applying for and dealing with evidence, and we also help to prevent prohibited or false reports about what is happening in ? or in connection with ? a committee of inquiry.

Members of the firm have served on the following committees of inquiry:

  • "Tempodrom" Committee of Inquiry of the Berlin House of Representatives, 15th parliamentary term
  • "Bankgesellschaft/Party Donations II" Committee of Inquiry of the Berlin House
     of Representatives, 15th parliamentary term
  • Second Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry (Pröhl/Kieler Schloss) of the    Schleswig-Holstein State Parliament, 15th parliamentary term
  • "BND" First Committee of Inquiry of the German Bundestag, 16th parliamentary term
  • HSH Nordbank Investigation Committee of the Hamburg Parliament
  • Investigative Committee Sachsen-LB of the Saxon State Parliament